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Lexington Tech International ('LTI')

Is an international company that develops and manages oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and industrial infrastructure projects in North America, South America and Africa. Our business also includes trading of crude oil for petroleum refineries and procurement of plant equipment & machinery and supplies for construction and maintenance projects.

LTI brings value for our clients, partners, vendors, contractors and ultimately, for the people and community.

Our task is to match development needs among interest-holders in the industry and to develop and create profitable and value-generating projects in co-work with stakeholders. LTI integrates vast business, technical, financial and legal resources to successfully implement and achieve what our interest holders, business partners and clients want to achieve.

With associated business contacts in Caracas, Beijing and Seoul acting as LTI's global network, LTI headquarters is strategically positioned close to our clients in the Energy Corridor in Houston.

Founded by leading individuals with long time experience and expertise in plant engineering & construction projects, Lexington Tech International is quickly growing into an industry leader with remarkable capability and solid network for project development, project management and procurement in hydrocarbon, energy and power industry.


Project Development

LTI captures potential projects coming out in the regions and develops them commercially and technically viable and bankable. To this effect, LTI identifies, plans and implements development activities required for creation of projects in close coordination with equity investors, technology licensors, EPC contractors, local government authorities, regulatory agencies as well as financing institutions. At Lexington Tech International is all about quality, good work, because we think that success it is all about consistency.


LTI supplies feedstock for oil refineries and petrochemical plants in the regions. Procurement is the area in which LTI has particular strength. LTI provides speedy and seamless procurement services based on its expertise, vendor data-base updated from our global sourcing network and well computerized processing system. Our global sourcing networks that particularly include Korea as well as USA, cover all industry-leading and qualified manufacturers of plant equipment, machinery and bulk supply items for oil & gas, petrochemicals, power-generation projects.

Project Management

LTI manages execution of projects as well to successfully achieve the values anticipated by owners. LTI's team of experienced professionals leads implementation activities with their expertise, professional skills and pro's drive to ensure successful execution and completion of projects. LTI, for owner's interest, ensures all key elements of success to be in place from inception to completion and manages cost, quality, schedule and safety under control during the entire process of execution and completion of the projects.


Extensive, World Class Supplier Network Across All Materials

In addition to project development, project management and procurement services, LTI is the leading distributor in MRO supplies, industrial equipment and tools. LTI represents and distributes hundreds of products and manufacturers in the following categories.

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Used to join, grip, support, or compress mechanical or structural parts.

Flange Insulating Gaskets/Kits

The most common trouble area, need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage.


Compresses the air before it enters the combustion chambers

Control & Instrumentation

Measurement and control of process variables within a production.


Closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated.


Used for electrical and power distribution and transmission.

Tubes & Pipes

The purpose is the transport of a fluid like water, oil or similar.

Blowers & Fans

Used to create a continuous flow of gas such as air.

Chemical Products

lectronic chemicals, industrial gases, adhesives and sealants, among others.

Heat Exchangers

Used to transfer heat between a solid object and a fluid.


Systems that use air or other gas as working fluid.


Essential parts of any piping system used to control the ow and pressure of contents.

Power Plant Equipment

Industrial facility for the generation of electric power


Machine for raising, compressing, or transferring fluids.

Packing Materials

Used to control the amount of leakage of non-hazardous fluids from equipment.

Drilling Tools & Equipment

Hydraulic keys, tricone drills, drill wedges, traveling blocks or pulleys, rotary tables, among others.

Sucker Rods

Improve well productivity with a better selection of sucker rods.

Power Winches

Commonly drums are made of fabricated steel and are designed for a specific load capacity.

Gas Division

Thanks to the our company located in Barbados, we can offer gas related products.

LTI Network

We count with representatives on these locations, but we are not limited to them.

Seoul Office

8th Fl. DongGyeong Bldg.
824-19 Yeoksam-dong
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (135-934)


Westheimer Central Plaza
11200 Westheimer Road, Suite 710
Houston, Texas 77042

Telephone: +1-832-300-1100
Fax: +1-832-300-1104

e-mail: info@lexintec.com

Caracas Office

Avenida Francisco de Miranda
Torre Dozsa, Piso 9
El Rosal 1060 Chacao
Caracas, Venezuela

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